Preoperative Procedures

You will be required to do the following before your surgery:

  • Attend pre-op visit
  • Attend pre-op joint class if recommended
  • Complete requested lab work and EKG if ordered by your provider
  • Stop taking blood thinning medications such as: Aspirin, Aleve, and ibuprofen (Motrin) 7 days prior to your procedure
  • Continue home medication as usual unless instructed otherwise
  • Start using both Hibiclens and Mupirocin 5 days prior to procedure
  • Schedule postoperative physical therapy
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the morning of your procedure unless otherwise instructed
  • Arrive 1 – 2 hours prior to your scheduled surgery time as instructed by pre-op nurse

The day of your surgery, the following will take place:

  • Before your surgery, typically the morning of your scheduled time, you will be admitted to the hospital
  • Our surgical staff will take a final assessment of your vital signs before surgery
  • You will be provided with a clean hospital gown
  • Our surgical staff will start an IV to provide fluids and medication during and after surgery
  • If needed, you will be provided with an elastic stocking in order to decrease the likelihood of blood clotting
  • You will need to void your bladder of fluids
  • You will need to remove all jewelry, nail polish, dentures, and contacts
  • In preparation for surgery, your operative leg will be cleaned and shaved
  • Your anesthesiologist will discuss which anesthesia will be used for your procdure
  • You will then be transferred to the operating room