It was a typical day for a child with Caden’s wild imagination. Little boys are full of fearlessness, and Caden wasn’t any different. The brave little boy climbed above his tree fort onto higher branches until they couldn’t hold his weight anymore, and down he went! Caden took a big fall and was in need of immediate medical attention.

Caden’s mother brought him to the emergency room where Dr. Daniel Hanesworth, an orthopedic surgeon at Skagit Island Orthopedic Center, evaluated him and concluded that Caden had fractured both wrists.

During Caden’s clinical follow-up appointment at SIO, Dr. Hanesworth and the team of orthopedic specialists set Caden’s bones with fiberglass casting, along with closed reductions and splinting. According to Caden, Bummer Summer 2013 had just begun.

Not one to let her son miss out on summer fun, Caden’s mother Karlie came up with the unforgettable idea to paint both of his casts – superhero style!

After searching the Internet for ideas, Karlie printed out designs of a superhero’s arms and traced them with a pencil on to Caden’s casts. She used red, white and blue acrylic paint to carefully fill in the images. The paint dried quickly, and a superhero was born.

At first, Caden felt nervous in public with his colorful casts, but he soon discovered that most people were amazed and curious about what had happened. It is hard for a child to be in double casts in the peak of summer, but with his superhero arms, Caden was able to make the best of a tough situation, even figuring out a way to beat the heat with special swim covers for his casts.

Dr. Hanesworth was in for a colorful surprise when Caden confidently showed up to his first checkup with the painted casts. Together, Skagit Island Orthopedics and Caden’s mom saved the day by turning Bummer Summer 2013 into an awesome adventure for a super-heroic eight year old.