Patient Reviews: Dr. Michael Santoro

Michael A. Santoro, MD, MPH

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Santoro.

“I have an LNI case that I reopened to determine why my post operative knee surgery progress has not been satisfactory after nearly two years. My original Dr. I was seeing near my home was not helping me move forward in the direction I feel I need to go. He is a sports injury specialist with limited time available and seems to have been too busy to offer much help other than just refer me for physical therapy. I was referred to Dr. Santoro by a family member and was very impressed with his kindness and compassion who listened to me intently about how I was feeling about my injury and other areas of concern. He was patient and understanding, took his time with the evaluation of my case and responded with very practical and effective measures to reach some initial conclusions about how to proceed with further treatment. I look forward to my follow-up next month with him to see how to proceed with my situation. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a personable and professional doctor who will offer optimal care for your physical concerns.”
– James G.

Treating Doctor: Michael A. Santoro, MD, MPH